“3 colors, 1 real style, 1 origin” 

The Story of the Mas CANAILLE :

When I was a child, the Sunday tradition was that the whole family (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brother, cousins, cousins) meets in Vacquières, in the family Mas built in 1868.  
As soon as arrived, my cousins, my brother and I were going to play in wood of oaks and box tree which recover hills situated on the West by the village and which overhang the family house : the Grandes Costes. When the bell tower of the church sounded twelve knocks of noon, we came down running to the Mas shouting " we’re hungry! We’re hungry! ". There our grandfather waited us with some for one of his wine bottles. He tightened them to us and slid us affectionately « Then small villains, instead of amusing you, go to put me these bottles in the well! That they cool before we sat down to eat! If you are wise you can drink it just a little as the adults! ». The prospect to drink some wine as our parents hurried us to fulfill with the biggest care the wishes of our grandfather. We lost moreover never a single bottle at the bottom of this well. One hour later, he called out to us « Then, they are or these bottles! ». It was to whom he would bring back  the invaluable flasks to be certain not to be forgotten when we would serve the wine. Our big father uncorked then every bottles very carefully with what seemed to be a grave air. He just used a finger at the bottom of the glass. Then very seriously, smelt him and enjoyed him by looking at us. He made him run in his mouth, swallowed him and slammed his language against his palace by way of approval. " He is good and very fresh! ". From then on he used, always the first one, and made cross the bottle. Then the whole table livened up by speaking loudly in the good mood. Finally, we were of use to us a quite small dose of the invaluable beverage, the just man of which to colour very slightly the water of our glasses. Us, the children, us looked each other, proud and happy to contribute, in our way, in the success of this excellent moment. Fresh and aromatic wines of the Mas Canaille are the continuation of  these beautiful days. They are the joyful and natural companions of the happiness. 

Typology of wines :

Produced wines are marked by fruity aromas, always present, even if their intensity and their nature vary according to vines and used technologies.  
For red wines, the extractions are led to obtain soft structures resting on notes of slightly acid red and black berries.  
The production of white is very important in this zone. The latter present a variation of scents of citrus fruits, fennel and scrubland.  
All the wines is characterized by a remarkable freshness. They benefit from tannins of an extreme sharpness and express a high aromatic power.

Wineyard pictures


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